BOOM! This year´s wedding season is fiiiinally on like Donkey Kong, and a big fat cheers to that!

These bebes tied the knot in the most perfect way this Saturday, and their way of doing so is definately something I´ll recommend all ya future couples to consider – pandemic or not.

Carina and Simen had originally planned to getting hitch on a manor abroad, together with lots of friends. For obvious reasons, they had to come up with an alternative plan, and boy what a great success that turned out to be! A quite early morning civil ceremony in the City Hall, followed by a lunch for their closest family and friends sat the perfect frame for that urban wedding-vibe. And when the clock showed three p.m they had already filled the day with so much love and laughter, and the best was still to come! At a roof top terrace above Oslo, they had invited all their friends to an informal snack, a couple of (great!!) speeches, lots of wonderful music, of course a live band and one hell of a party. I swear to God it felt like 2019 there for a little while.

Here’s a little sneak peek from all the magic.



Evening dress:


Evening suit:



Roof top terrace:

Live music: John Brås og Les Femmes

Music at the ceremony: Karianne Amundsen og Kim Wigaard


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