Just like that, life as we know it suddenly turned up side down. And just like that, an invisible wall separated us from things we used to take for granted. Where we used to show our friends and family love and care through spending time together, we’re now keeping distance for the same purpose. Who would have known that a warmer community would grow out from that cold word – distance. We realize that we’re in the same boat. We’re all affected, somehow. We miss feeling safe. We miss our daily routines. We miss our freedom. And not least, we miss one another.

What if we realize that the boat we keep flooding now, is called life and not some pandemi? That we´re very much still in it together, after this storm has silenced? That the old lady next door still could need som help with her groceries. That there are lots of people who still feel isolated, who would have loved if someone sang a song from the balcony now and then. That the guy at the mall still appreciates a thank you, and a smile?

I hope that this will be a game changer. That we take less for granted. That we’re  more present. And that we hug each other like there’s no tomorrow. In the meantime, I made this little slideshow for you, in case your abstinences are as bad as mine. Take care, my friends. Thing will get better. And when it does, I cant wait to capture all of it. Cant belive that’s actaully my job!!

Love, Camilla


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