Ladies and gents – let me introduce you to the “Sunniva & Magnus way of love”. They both talked about this in their speech, and so many guests said the same thing – as soon as we saw you guys together, it was no doubt in our mind – you were ment to be. I had the same experience when I first met Sunniva and Magnus, to have a little chat about their wedding plans. They had this electric energy going on between one another, and they smiled and they laughed and then they smiled and laughed even more. It was so touching to see and I have been looking forward to working with this gorgeous couple for almost a year, now. Yesterday they tied the knot in this old cathedral, and it was pure magic. Oh, and did I mention that they got a triple rainbow in the evening?! Of course they did. I hope you´ll enjoy the preview!

” CAMILLA!!!!! We´re both crying again. This is to much to take!! You´re insane!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!” – Sunniva & Magnus

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